Coronavirus-Atiku's Son And The Rest Of Us.

Atiku's son might be in specialist hospital Gwagwalada after testing positive for Coronavirus, but make no mistake about this, the way he will be taken care of will not be the same if you were the one admitted.

You can be sure that there are patients on admission in that same hospital even as you read this who will die not because their situation is beyond control but because of poor health care and lack of sufficient medical personnel. I have lost some close friends in that same hospital, I know what I am talking about.

Again, I say this not just because I know the hospital very well but because I also know our penchant for eye service as Africans. You will even be shocked that all the world class facilities needed in a hospital will just appear from no where because Atiku's son is there and because the world media are watching. You can also be sure that there are nurses and doctors stationed around him every second.

Dear friends, you are not Atiku's son, please stay at home. Don't catch the virus. That is the only power you have. Once you get the virus, whatever you see you take.

Do you know the greatest tragedy in this whole issue?

Someone who does not even fancy staying in Nigeria upon discovering that there is an outbreak of a deadly virus in that country he or she is, now remembers to run back to where he or she calls his own country.

He or she carries the virus along. Then the person spreads it to someone who spreads it to another and finally to you. Funnies part, you don't even have a national ID card not to talk of international passport. Yet you are carrying a virus that came to you from abroad.

The person who brought the virus, because he or she is influential or rich, (at least to be able to afford living outside the country means they can afford basic health care) he or she is rushed to the hospital and is given an intensive care. Finally the person recovers.

But you who is just an ordinary citizen will die because even as you are calling the phone numbers the government provided, they are asking you to go to any random hospital on your own. If you enter any hospital, chances are that by the mention of coro. . . the doctors will tell you that they are on strike or they might ask you to go home that there is no treatment.

Then you are left to die, but before then, your sisters and children and wife have caught the virus through you, then your uncles and some of your village people as well.

Now dear friends, do you now see why you need to stay at home and take all the necessary precautions???


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