Dear Men:this is why mothers are priceless and should be valued

Dear men, always honour your mothers 

Dear men : your mother is priceless and this is why you must forever treasure her



You are a Nigerian man. You have an aged mother you claim to love so much because she sacrificed everything for you.


Then, she became old, weak and sick, and in need of care. What do you do? You start bugging your wife to look after YOUR OWN MOTHER.


What is wrong with you? Are you incapacitated? Why can't you take care of your own mother?


Bro, your mother is as good as childless!


You are a USELESS SON!




Prayer Points for the Day.


May we never have sons that will be too useless to either take care of us or employ professional carers to take care of us when we are weak and sick!


Instead of us to have such useless sons, may they pass away as menstruation. Amen!


May contraceptives prevent such useless y chromosomes from meet our x chromosomes.


May we not carry sons for 9 months, birth them, breastfeed them, sacrifice for them, only for them to come on Facebook to cry that their wives refused to take care of us.


May I NOT have a daughter who would abandone her job and all she's doing to take care of her mother in-law while her husband and his siblings are still alive, breathing and kicking.




Some Nigerians keep raising useless sons who can't even do as little as care for them in their weak moments.


If you raised a son who can't look after you in your weak moments, YOU FAILED AS A PARENT.




When my father was sick, my mum, siblings, I, doctors and nurses looked after him.


When my mum becomes old and weak, my siblings and I will either look after her ourselves and/or employ professionals to look after her. We are definitely NOT going to come on Facebook to cry that our husbands refused to look after her.


I owe this to my parents.


My husband owes this to his parents.


If my husband decides to help me look after my mum, he is HELPING. It is NOT his primary responsibility.


If I decide to help my husband look after his mum, I am HELPING. It is NOT my primary responsibility.


The ONLY people whose shits I can pack are mine, my children's, my parents, my husband's, and any other shit I am PAID to pack.

Yes, paid. Nurses and doctors sometimes pack shit in their lines of duties but they get paid good money for it.


Dear Nigerian men,


It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to look after your aged and sick parents, NOT your wife's primary responsibility. If your wife decides to HELP, she is HELPING. You can't force her.


If you as a man can't look after your own mum who sacrificed so much for you, then you are a useless child bro.




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