Governors: Why Buhari must impose face mask.

In a letter dated April 24 and addressed to Boss Mustapha, secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), the governors also sought the approval of the president on inter-state ban.

Kayode Fayemi, governor of  Ekiti and chairman of the NGF, said he and his colleagues believe that those actions were necessary to limit the spread of COVID-19. 

As of March 30 when Buhari ordered a 14-day lockdown, there were 97 cases in the country but on April 13 when the lockdown elapsed, the cases had risen to 323. The president had extended it by two weeks, explaining that “alarming” increase in cases made him do so.

Nigerians are anxious to know the next presidential directive on the lockdown would be as there are currently 1,095 COVID-19 cases.

In the letter to Mustapha, who is head of the presidential task force on COVID-19, the governors said they would like to have their input in the next presidential intervention

He said the governors had met with Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo via a teleconference on April 22.  

“Recall at that meeting, it was agreed that the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) articulates the issues that it would want to be included in the next Presidential Pronouncement on COVID-19 so as to have a Uniform and Coordinated Policy on COVID-19 at both the national and sub-national levels,” the letter read.  

“Subject to Mr President’s approval, the NGF would want the following incorporated into Mr. President’s Pronouncements. 

“Inter-State lockdown excluding movement of essential supplies – foods, beverages, medical and pharmaceuticals, petroleum supplies and agricultural products: 

“Internal free movement but with restrictions on large gatherings and assemblies: overnight curfews: 

“Lockdown of flights: and compulsory use of face masks/coverings in the public.”

During the media briefing of the task force, Mustapha had said the recommendations of the governors would be included in the report that the task force would submit.

Buhari would address Nigerians on the next line of action by Monday.


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