House left behind by Ritualist ezego

Earlier on, They had reported the story of a Nigerian billionaire name Victor Okafor who was so rich that he was given the title 'Ezego' meaning King of Money. His mansion in his home town was one of a kind as its worth was believed to be N500m as at the 90s.

A visit to the village called Uzoakwa in Ihiala town, the home of the late billionaire business mogul shows the current situation of the grand properties. According to what is seen in the video, the N500m mansion has continued to pile away in rot, his Lamborghini and other expensive cars just lay there dilapidated.

In the video, the property is seen in its present condition. It shows the interior of the palace and the other buildings in the house. You can see family photos still present in the house, golden chairs and expensive artifacts still sit in the house as thought there were still occupants living there.

The video also takes you to the pool side which is clearly abandoned and half way dry which could be as a result of the rains. The building where he was buried is also shown in the video. Apparently he was buried underground in one of the buildings.

Despite its current state, the building is still worth some millions. However the properties have remained untouched due to the controversy surrounding his death. It is gathered that if any person died as a result of any issue or altercation with the deity in Igbo land such like the Okija shrine, automatically all the properties belonged to that shrine unless certain rituals were performed.

According to reports, he was believed to have attracted the anger of the deity and died due to his failure to come to the shrine to defend himself over an allegation laid against him by his kinsmen who dragged him to the shrine over business transaction which he alleged that Okafor had cheated him.


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