1. "When I get married, I will be faithful to only my wife". So says Mr. David, the town's most eligible and promiscuous bachelor.

"Tunde, Tunde, when are you going to get married and stop this wayward life?" Mama Tunde asked her son. Tunde is her first son. Her desire is to carry her grandchildren but Mama Tunde is mistaken to think that marriage will cure her son.

"Guys, when we settle down, we gat to behave oo, no cheating". Sunbomi was telling his friends.

And the vain talks go on and on and on.......................................................

Everyone definitely has heard this saying maybe from a friend, colleague or family relation. But I've got news for you, marriage doesn't stop promiscuity. A single man who continues to jump to bed with different women will continue to do so after marriage. If you as a bachelor cannot abstain from sex but continue to change sex partners as if you are changing clothes, the odds are one woman can never be enough for you even if you get married to her. Your eyes will always be outside because one wife cannot satisfy you.

No wonder there are men who though they got married late yet they cannot be faithful to their wives. Their system isn't used to being involved with just one woman.

The biblical King Solomon was married to 700 wives and yet he had 300 concubines. He married the first wife yet he wasn't satisfied. Satisfaction didn't even come when he married the 100th wife. If he decides to have sexual relations with each wife each day, it will take him almost a year to do that yet he was satisfied, he still had concubines.

It is only a man who has determined in his heart to be faithful and not keep any sexual relations with any woman that will be safe in the walls of marriage. A promiscuous man is never safe in marriage.

Young man, are still keeping strings of sex partners in the name of enjoying life and you think once you get married, you will no longer indulge in such? The bad news is that it will be impossible for you to do that. No matter how beautiful or smart your wife will be, she will never be enough for you.

So, marriage isn't the cure for promiscuity. Even if people advise you to get married, marriage cannot cure you.

You have to stop that immoral life, give your life to Jesus and determine in your heart to keep yourself for your future wife.

Don't go about wasting your seeds in the lives of different women whom you know nothing of.

If your future wife is keeping herself for you, shouldn't you do likewise.

Get free from promiscuity so that you can enjoy your marriage because marriage cannot cure you of promiscuity.

I'll drop my pen here...


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Wisdom Ukukong - Mar 14, 2020, 10:01 PM - Add Reply

May God bless you

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Eze Samson Onyekachi - Mar 17, 2020, 9:29 AM - Add Reply

The bitter truth

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