"OKADA: menace to the society or traffic solutions? "

Over the years, motorcycle popularly known as okada has been one of,if not the fastest means of road transportation in West Africa regularly used by young and old,men and women in their pursuit of life

According to research,the 'okada' business is a very lucrative one,though illegal in some parts of Africa like ghana,it's contribution to solving informal solutions cannot be undermined

In Nigeria for instance,most residents in Lagos whether government workers or self employed face an 'everyday enemy' called traffic.An average Nigerian who is to resume work as early as 8:00am might not meet up to time not because he didn't wake up early but because of his inability to avoid this 'everyday enemy'. OKADA however has been a savior in this aspect because of its ability to navigate around the motorable ways when there's traffic.


Though okada riders according to many constitute nuisance in the society,based on the fact that they fill up parks,motor ways,street corners and any available space they can find, making it difficult for other vehicles to manuever effectively.this aggressive or rascal behavior and undisciplined nature has however led to the rise of accidents on our roads today.

From the unemployment point of view, okada has really been a problem solver in a sense that most graduates who have toiled around the street searching for jobs and means of livelihood have resorted to being okada riders, hence reducing crime rates, beggars and miscreants on the streets.


Of recent the Lagos State government in Nigeria placed a ban on okada riders because of its contribution to crime rates,armed robbers mostly use okada in operating.and also how they at times risk their lives and that of the passengers trying to overcome vehicles during traffic in a bid to reach the passengers destination on time which is probably the reason why a lot of people patronize them.

while many see it as a source of livelihood and a faster means of transportation some see it as a machine that has caused more harm than good to the society.

a menace or a problem solver?

Your guess is as good as mine.


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