WHAT IS CPM: CPM means cost per mile its calculated based on the total number of views your posts generate. 1000 paid views we pay 2000 to 10000NGN

WHAT IS HIT: Hit is the number of people that saw your post they may read or may not read your post

WHAT IS PAID VIEWS: Paid views are the number of people that read your posts for at least 20 seconds shorts and interesting news with pictures generate more paid views

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM WITHDRAW: Our minimum withdrawal for S-PIN members is 2000NGN and 5000NGN for regular members.

DO I NEED TO REFER TO WITHDRAW: No but if you withdraw you get 20% of your referral earnings meaning if they make 100,000NGN you earn 20,000

HOW DO I WITHDRAW: The withdrawal button is available when your reach the minimum withdrawal amount