Prophet Odumeje finally reveals the source of his power.

Controversial prophet, Chukwuemeka Odumeje has finally spoken on the source of his money and power.


According to Odumeje, if you serve a true living God, you must be rich, because God is a rich God.


Going further, Odumeje said he always preaches to members of his congregation that God shows himself through his miracles. “If there is no miracle, there is no God,” he said.



Odumeje also said that there is only one God and one power and that it is Jesus. He said if people feel someone else gave him spiritual powers, then the person should come out to reveal himself.


The controversial prophet was recently challenged by a popular native doctor in Arondizuogu after he allegedly spoke against late herbalist Pericoma and the people of Arondizuogu.


where Odumeje could be heard saying Pericoma’s children are of no use to the society and also that the People of Arondizuogu are very poor over their involvement in fetish practices.


In a follow up video, Villagers and elders could be seen sitting at the big shrine while a Native doctor performed Rituals against Prophet Odumeje.


The native Doctor called on all their gods to come out and fight prophet Odumeje for condemning it.


He further accused prophet Odumeje of getting his power from India, adding that he cannot get his power from a foreign land and test in their Own Land.


Odumeje had debunked such claims about the source of his wealth, insisting that his wealth and power comes from God alone.


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