Who would think that a four-letter word would have such a great impact? This four-letter word ‘Rape’, according to the dictionary, simply means the taking of something by force, seizure, plunder. To take something by FORCE. It doesn’t seem so harsh when someone forcefully takes your candy, does it? In an instant like this, rape doesn’t seem so bad. But it is!

Rape also means, according to the dictionary, the act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person. This definition uses ‘another person’ to point out the fact that it could be either male or female. But who is most times the victims? Women!!!

If you say the word ‘rape’ close to any woman, you are sure to get a fiery reaction because that word alone has wrecked so many lives. In our world today, a woman cannot move freely because of the fear of rape. The fear of being sexually molested, the fear of being forced to give that part of you away. 

Rape has been going on for years and despite the high number of rape cases, there has been no real efforts taken by the government to put an end to this issue. It’s really alarming. Women are being traumatized and destroyed but the world moves on like it’s a normal occurrence. They even expect the woman to move on, they beg her and expect her to forget the five minutes that ruined her life.

These things happen over and over again and people still move on until it happens to someone they know then they go out with posters saying “say no to rape”. Some people don’t understand that rape doesn’t just stop at physical abuse, it’s deeper than that. The psychological trauma that follows causes some of the victims to commit suicide.

Beyond the physical abuse, the emotional abuse there is stigmatization. After the victims have been abused, some people still go ahead to blame them and that is the height of it all. There’s an idea in some people’s head that rape can be justified. They go ahead to blame it on the victims by asking questions like “why was she wearing that? Why was she walking at night? Why did she go to his house?” but they never ask questions like “couldn’t he have controlled himself? Why would he force himself on her? Does he have a right to her body?”. 

It’s saddening to see that our society overlooks fact like these. There is no justification for rape. If the point, provocative dressing warrants rape, is true let’s look at the case of a 3-months old baby that was raped and what was she wearing? PAMPERS!!!! In this case, should we blame the baby?

There is another notion that walking alone in deserted and unsafe areas will lead to rape. Let’s look at the case of a young girl that was raped in church. Yes, In CHURCH. The young girl, identified as Uwaila Omozuwa, went to read in church and was raped brutally and afterwards killed. Would you call a church unsafe?

This tragic incident happened and there were still some blames thrown at the girl for going to a church to read. We’re waiting for justice on this case and that of another young girl, identified as Tina Ezekwe, that was hit by the bullet of a drunk policeman. Apparently, the police man wanted to shoot at a crowd that had gathered around him while collecting bribe. And the other thing done about these cases is posters and news stories.

We don’t need to talk, we need to act. Punishment has to be passed out on these offenders. If we keep talking, nothing will be done.

Actions speak louder than words. It’s only when action is taken that justice will prevail. 



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