Reasons girls sleeps with married men

The reasons behind why girls date and sleep with married men is still yet unknown.Although, different girls have reasons they do what they do. While some do it out of fun others do it for the moneybut still they are also some people who do it because they are more comfortable with it.

Research been conducted recently shows that a high percentage of our population has either slept with a married man or still sleeping with them and their reasons seems not to be specific.

These are some reasons :

Sandra said" married men are the best people to date. They don't complain and they only call you when they need you unlike some boyfriends who can't stop monitoring your whereabouts. They give me my privacy.

Chioma said " I enjoy the marathon sex with these married men, they are well experienced than the so called boyfriend that is why I prefer them.

Dora said" I only date them for the Money and they are always their to give you more than what you asked for and as long as my school fees, rent and we'll being is been taken care of I have no problem with sleeping with them. And my boyfriend don't have to know moreover he only give me little or none.

Ebere said" I love them because they are more caring although I don't know how they treat their wife and that is not my problem as long as they keep giving me money and moreover I love sex with them..

Shola said" I can never do such thing because it is against my belief and I also know that what I do today will get back to me tomorrow irrespective of how and why I do it. When I get married tomorrow someone out there will also share my husband with me and I don't want to be a reason for someone marriage failure.

Blessing said" I rather die than allow the devil to use me for such purpose. She went ahead to say that the single ones are not yet finished.

Why married men engage in such act is also something we still don't understand. Yeah we know that men don't get emotional after sex but the reasons behind such act is still fully yet unknown.


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