RONALDINHO;Ex-Barcelona superstar has been released from a paraguayan prison after 32-days.

RONALDINHO;Ex-Barcelona superstar has been released from a paraguayan prison after 32-days.  


Former Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho has been released from a Paraguayan prison after just 32 days over forged documentation.The 40-year-old is set to be put on house arrest at an hotel in the country's capital of Asuncion after reportedly paying a £1.3million bond.


Both he and his brother Roberto were charged with attempting to enter the country with fake passports last month, and had been faced with six months jail time. 

Ronaldinho (C) and his brother Roberto (r have been released from a Paraguayan prison. The former Barcelona star spent 32 days in jail over accusations he used a forge documents and passport. 

But judge Gustavo Amarilla has permitted them both to stay at a hotel for the mean time, with the case still being decided and the player's lawyers attempting to appeal the decision to jail him.


It had been argued that he should be spared from facing prison due to his high-profile status as a former footballer, with his legal team saying his detention was 'arbitrary, abusive and illegal'.   


Ronaldinho, who last played for Brazilian outfit Fluminense in 2015, was arrested along with Roberto on March 6, but denied using a forged passport, with the former World Cup winner insisting he didn't know he had committed an offence.

At the height of his career, Ronaldinho was one of the most gifted players in world football

His own lawyer Adolfo Marin said the former player had been 'stupid' and criticised the courts for not taking into account his mistake.


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