Slavery in NYSC camp

The thought of doing something great was all we could ever dreamth of. The thought being part of a system for the benefit of man kind was what we ever wish of. 

Just as the thought of being through with all the hurt and hardship schooling in Nigeria to becoming a corper serving a nation with much sincerely for service and with truthfulness. 

This was the story of a young man called Collins who thought that being through with his first degree was the beginning of something greater. He was posted to serve as a corper in the heart of the Eastern region of Nigeria. With great joy he left for camp, hoping for a soft landing, he was welcome with another phase of life.

Staying in camp was the worst decision I have ever taken in my entire life he said. We were treated like we never had a life of our own and were fed with what we could ever imagined. The toilet is something I still can't explain "Collins added". I still wonder why our host could b so mean keeping us in such a condition. A condition were I could breath fresh air even at night.

My room housed about 150 bed space and I still wonder y I never fell sick, with dirt littered all over d hostels and I still wonder if they ever remembered we will be hosted.

We were fed with little food like we ever begged to serve our father's land.

Life in camp for three weeks thought we never to believe in what my government could do for me  rather, what I could do for myself. I lost faith totally in people. Although each of the state were given enough money for our well being by the federal power but was used to enrich themselves. Depriving about 600 thousand persons of their rights. 

I went to camp with just 2000 naira having it in mind that I will be well taken care of only to witness massive starvation and deprivation of my right with hard labour. One could be on a queue for a meal only to hear that the food is finished and where you asked if food was supposed to get finished having it in mind that enough money was pumped in for the 3weeks you get punished.. 

If only the government could help monitor the how this money is being used and help make sure where they keep their host is environmentally friendly.


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