The educated illiterate father

A man went to his son's school to fight his teacher for teaching him about CD and MMM. It happens that Mr. Odugbule was a typical  educated illiterate  Igbo man  who was hardworking and did everything in his power to  provide for his family's needs.  


Mr. Odugbule was a businessman who never joke with his money. His love for money was as strong as the love a drunkard had for his beer. Even though , he doesn't joke with his money, he made sure he sent his children to one of  the best school in the community.


One day, as Mr odugbule was going through his son's school work. Though, he had turn it to a  routine he usually carry out on daily basis. He would go through his son's school work and ask few questions before eating dinner and going to bed.  Today was different because his son decided to ask the question.


" Dad, today our teacher taught us about CD and MMM. Dad do you know what CD and MMM means " enquired his son.

On hearing that, Mr odugbule got infuriated and decided to visit the teacher the next day. On getting to school, he saw the teacher . He went up to him and  lock up his shirt  shouting at the top of his voice " I will arrest you for teaching my son what Condom (CD) and MMM (money making machine) is." 


The teacher got confused and ask his son who taught him that. But to everyone greatest surprise, what the teacher only taught him was CD=400 and MMM=3000 in Roman figures. 

No one knew how Mr odugbule got home that faithful day.





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