There is ability in every man's disability

There was a man in Jos whose name was Clinton. He base in Jebbu Bassa and attend St. Barnabas Anglican church. Mr. Clinton was a disable from birth and was thought to have nothing to offer.


He never looked down on himself. He never made what people thought to affect him in anyway. He thought of what to do that could earn him money. Though he was not a graduate and God knows he doesn't have any certificate to back him up. Even if he did had a certificate, who will employ him?


A thought crossed his mind and that was to give back to the society. How many people ever thought of that? Here was a man that owns no degree and yet thought of giving back to the society what he possessed. He believed that he had something tangible for his society to be moving forward. God knows he could do many things that could fetch him money if he really wanted ,but he chose to be patriotic and decided to give back to  the society he found himself.




Now, Mr. Clinton is a traffic controller at Rwangpam and West of mines. He his playing the role of a traffic. He is not working for the government but he is rendering a lifetime service to humanity.




This was  a man that was  committed and dedicated to his society. He shouldn't be forgotten for his great work and his course should be something that would motivate us as well. "There is ability in every man's disability."


God bless Mr. Clinton for rendering his services in bringing development and management to us on the road.


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Eze Samson Onyekachi - Mar 17, 2020, 9:26 AM - Add Reply

It all boils down to determination. Are you really out to make a statement, that's the question

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