Torn;a short story.

I  heard the noise,but I thought it was sounds caused by the rain; so I ignored and went back to sleep- the noise persisted. like someone was trying to open the window .

'Who would that be' I asked myself, as I got off the bed , I  went in to check -in-on my younger  sister ;she was asleep,with her phone and laptop on top of her . "This phone and laptop would be the death of sommie"I  said ;as I  removed  it off of her.

I heard a loud bang ;"sommie,sommie ,wake up someone is in the house" I shook her as fear ruptured  me. She was a light sleeper so she stood up almost immediately and we were careful enough not to  make any sound as we walked down  the stairs.

As we walked farther into the room where the noise persisted,we saw a cat  how did it get here  I asked  well I don't  know  but let's take it to  the basement. I  felt eerily uncomfortable. I  felt someone  was in the house, so I  told her to wait -I went to the parlour  and I  saw a man sitting  on the couch.. As though  he felt my presence,  He asked me to choose." Choose Michael  " I. .I. .I  don't understand  who are you and what do you want"?

"Austin where are y"... my sister's words were cut short as we carefully watched  the stranger bring out something from his pocket. I  looked  closely and saw it was a claw hammer. " Choose  Austin,your sister or you".  I  looked  to my right and I saw my phone--remembering  I left it  there while  watching TV.

This was my chance to  call for help like he understood my intentions  ,he looked up and smashed  my phone and said to me ,"choose;you or you pretty sister".
 I was older than my sister, '2 years apart'. She was 17.I didn't understand what he meant, "I  don't know  what  you  want or who you are ;don't try nothing  on my sister,You can have me";I said calmly.

I could see the contour of his smile through  the face mask. " come here he said  to my sister and told her to undress ". "sommie  don't you dare; please leave my  sister out of this, is it money you want? what do you  want don't hurt my sister".

He punched me right on my nose, I  tried  fighting  back but he hit me with a hard object -'felt like metal'. My cheeks shoot up in pain ,I heard my sister's cry I couldn't do anything. I tried but I  was weak ,my eyes was squinting shut .

"Come here younging " ; he said as he dragged my sister to him and tore off her clothes. I  cried bitter tears .I was weak he injected me with a substance that shut me down  I could only watch.

He kissed her ,as he took off his sister kept fighting but she was loosing, her asthma attack was coming but this man couldn't care less.

He pushed her to the ground,I heard the crack of my sisters skull as he plummeted right besides her as he forced his way into her .

Arrggggghgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!Stoppppppp!pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! Not my sister!

I  heard her screams ,he kept fucking my sister ,she was fighting for breath, he was fighting his way in .

I  closed my eyes ,I couldn't watch anymore.I heard footsteps coming towards me; I felt a sting on my cheeks.

"Open that damm eyes,watch me you fool " he said as he laughed hysterically he went down and knelt besides  my sister and her licked the blood that was all over the floor.

God  who is this ;what did we do to deserve  this. He came towards me and whispered into my ears, "it's your turn  now -let's have fun"...

"F-U-C-K YOUUUUUUUU"! I screamed and spat on his masked face.
 Sting :I  felt pain all over as he used my sisters lifeless body to hit me all over my body..

"Stop  hurting her...stop...! 'my voice was weak I was trapped'.

"Hmmm ,why hurt what's dead already". He said as he came towards me with his dangling dick in my line of view.
With my body weak  and unable to do anything,  he forced his dick into my mouth  laughing  hysterically.
I  bit him  he screamed in agony and fell beside me rolling and groaning .
I spat out his smell;he tastes like mothballs.

"God please send help;I don't want to die". I muttered whilst saying silent prayer.

He charged towards me -without his masked face .

His face was filled with so much hatred ,anger and so much evil.He was the low budget devil that came from hell.

My thoughts got tumultuous  in my head as he bit out menacingly and his words filled with deadly promise of pain"Wrong choice Austin"-he took out a pocket knife  and tore my clothes ,he watched me like a predator licking his lips.

"Would you like a basset  hound, Asian jockey or do I fucking force a bowing  blow job on you? CHOOSE-make a choice"! 

How  am I 19 close to 20 and my own gender is going to rape me.I am sure my sister is dead her body was lifeless as blood covered her .

"Your time is ticking" he said ..
"Leave me a alone you demented psychopath, quit already. You have done enough".

"Wrong choice" he said as he forced his 'shank' up in my butt. I  screamed like  a woman in labour. The pain ;oh the pain, it hurts as though needles were shot through your skin.
 He kept thrusting ,I felt warm liquid around my butt.
My body hurts;it hurts so much.I hope not to make it out alive. He thrusted  one last time and he said ...

"Tell your  father "karma's a  bitch and by the time they come looking  for me,I might be on the other sides without regrets".
 Those were the last words I heard before the pain of being shot at the back swallowed me into the serenity  of darkness.

My work here is done as I  left the house. I  am sure Mr Martins  would get the message and remember  what he had done  many years ago.

Mr Martins destroyed my childhood, he was the reason my  sister is unable to speak and is literally  a vegetable.
 He was the reason why I  am hated by my family, he made it seem like I was the cause of my sisters impairments. I see the pity in her eyes.I told her my plans when I  went to see her. She only looked at me with sad eyes. She was useless! Hmmph !

I  went to jail and spent 2years in prison because  he accused me of  a crime  I  didn't commit.

This man turned my family  against me. I  am not a psychopath just a  VICTIM. In my next life,I would  never trust anyone.

What's dead may never die sis " ;I revenged  for us . I  love you-I have to go a tear slipped  from her eyes as she looked at me.  I  chose not to cry...

I  took out the syringe and injected her and myself. We looked  at  each other  as I cleaned  both our tears....

...."Even though we walk through  the shadow  of  death, we fear no evil...'weakness'... for though art with us ,the rock and our staff..'the drug was working'. ..though comforts me,Lord receive our souls and forgive us -Amen".

*footsteps and voices *....The darkness enveloped me as I smiled with empty content. ..


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